Who we are

Reliance InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. was established in early 2014, a time when integration of Information Technology into any entity within Nepal, whether private, public or government held, was slightly above primitive stage and was considered a cumbersome and costly action. Availability of IT equipment and services, those already wide-spread in other parts of the world, was just beginning to increase.

Understanding the importance of use of Information Technology in this advancing global competition, and recognizing the massive monetary and non-monetary benefits that those entities could capitalize, Reliance InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. began extending its services in this field and has been successfully expanding then-after. With our inception through a general service of trading IT related devices and equipment, we have by far been providing a wide range of services including, but not limited to, comprehensive IT Support, Sales (IT hardware or Equipment, Software, Power Backup System, Air Conditioner, Generator, Security System, EPABX, Solar, attendance, fire-alarm system, and others), Helpdesk, Consultancy, Management Services and Outsourcing.As such, we boast a considerable history of contributing to the development of overall Information Technology Industry of our nation. Reliance InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. has been operating as a Private Limited Company registered under the Office of Company Registrar [Regd. No. 122069/70/071]. Our corporate office is located at Putalisadak, Kathmandu and we serve farther geographical locations through our branch offices located at Pokhara, Butwal and Chitwan.We currently hold the mission to scale up our services to newer and farther geographical locations through additional branch offices.


We endeavor to drive our services and products into economic, social and utility values of our customers by ensuring that we address the pace of change of one among the fastest advancing industries in the nation, the IT industry. Alongside, we recognize that our employees are the core to our services and are great movers, which motivates us to serve a well-defined value for our employees. Besides, we foster corporate governance realizing the values cherished by our regulators for a financial discipline. Reliance InfoTech has set a 3C convergence that brings together computers, consumer electronics and communications by ensuring Innovation, Integrity and Quality.


At Reliance InfoTech, our vision is to be a company serving entities of all nature, size and geographic zones and individuals of all socioeconomic strata of the nation and provide a myriad of IT solutions creating values for all our stakeholders. Among others, we have always strived to prioritize environment friendly technology. We look forward to emerging as a first choice IT services provider across all stratums of the nation.